About us

In the far 1962 was established the textile company Santi and Franceschini, after several years the two brothers Franceschini decided to create their own company, so at the beginning of the 70' was created the first Italian production of synthetic furs made with a system called 'tuft' ,then after a very short period of time the production was specializes in articles such as fake fur made by velvet looms, such as Tissavel (Franch), Tyber (Belgium), Girmes (Germany) and Franceschini, the only one in Italy who can achive the imitation fur production with heights of pile over above 32/33 mm.

This kind of article was produced until the beginning of the 10 th years of this century, but unfortunately competition of the countries of the Far East, the rigidity of the production process, both of which prevented the product diversification, all these companies, unique in the world for their technology, in the period of a couple of years had to decide the cessation of their activity.

The Franceschini decided to dismount all over the machinery except their looms.

The owners visited various countries between the 2013 and 2014 and then they decided to open new activities in Albania and also to transfer the looms .

So in the 2015, they create the Etruria company, which manufactures industrial and home cleaning tools, fabric for painting rollers, 3D fabric, imitation fur fabrics.